Mastering Clash of Clans

Mastering the Game: Clash of Clans

To master the game of Clash of Clans, it is important to make a base for a fast paced strategy and leveling system and more playing opportunities after making your first base. This is a guide on how to master the game in order to know the cheats and hacks and avoid losing your account or getting banned. Visit Vita Claims to get a Clash of Clans hack free.

Clash of Clans is not a strategy game like Command & Conquer, in this game you need a good base and well trained troops for a better defense. Below tips will help you master the game better by learning how to build a base and balance the defense and attack.

Mastering Clash of Clans

1. Building a Clan Base

A better building of Clash of Clans base all comes down to three factors; protecting your town hall, building walls and building a defense. If you skip one of these things, you will find yourself losing resources and the time to rebuild your base after an attack. The secret is putting your town hall at the center of the base and placing weapons to cover your buildings.

This will keep the enemy busy while the weapons take care of them. Your attack is limited by your resources and the number of buildings you can manage to build, therefore, you should carefully observe the defense of the bases you plan to attack.

2. Mastering the use of Shields and Rebuilds

When you start the Clash of Clans game , you get a three day shield. During this three days, no one can attack you. You should therefore take advantage of this period to build your base buildings because this offer doesn’t last forever.

After you are attacked and about 40% of your base is taken or the town hall, you will get a 12 hour shield. If 90% of your base is taken during the attack, you will get a 16 hour shield. If you attack another player at this point, your shield will automatically lift.