Clash of Clans is Hot

How Clash of Clans Became One of the Most Popular MMO Games

Clash of Clans was launched back in 2012 in the United States and Canada. It is among the longest running and popular games played by millions worldwide in their smartphones.

Its developers, Supercell, came up with an addictive game by keeping it simple and concentrating on what consumers require and desire in a MMO game. This is how Clash of Clans became one of the most popular MMO games in a market filled with smartphone apps?

Clash of Clans is Hot

1. User fulfillment

Despite receiving excellent scores from its critics when it was launched, the game is delightful to play and provided people with alternatives. The game does not focus on one part like other games; it supports a multiplayer and single player at the same time.

It can be played in multiplayer and single gamer mode and has an option to play neither of the game play modes. This provides option and flexibility to its users.The game can be downloaded for free, it is free to play and limited to smartphones. In spite of this, Supercell makes a lot of money by means of flexibility.

This is made possible by the game providing an alternative to purchase the app using the game currency referred to as gems, other than playing for free. Paying for the game makes it enjoyable by enabling users to make quick progress in the game.

2. Simplicity

Clash of Clans cheats are user friendly and not too complex to play. Its interface is simple when you start playing and you easily understand the game as a beginner. The game provides its users with ease to use by having tutorials that guide them through, despite it being self-explanatory.

As you continue playing Clash of Clans you get comfortable and settle fully into the game. The game is unique by allowing users to strategize which creates excitement and gets them hooked to the game.