Mastering Clash of Clans

Mastering the Game: Clash of Clans

To master the game of Clash of Clans, it is important to make a base for a fast paced strategy and leveling system and more playing opportunities after making your first base. This is a guide on how to master the game in order to know the cheats and hacks and avoid losing your account or getting banned. Visit Vita Claims to get a Clash of Clans hack free.

Clash of Clans is not a strategy game like Command & Conquer, in this game you need a good base and well trained troops for a better defense. Below tips will help you master the game better by learning how to build a base and balance the defense and attack.

Mastering Clash of Clans

1. Building a Clan Base

A better building of Clash of Clans base all comes down to three factors; protecting your town hall, building walls and building a defense. If you skip one of these things, you will find yourself losing resources and the time to rebuild your base after an attack. The secret is putting your town hall at the center of the base and placing weapons to cover your buildings.

This will keep the enemy busy while the weapons take care of them. Your attack is limited by your resources and the number of buildings you can manage to build, therefore, you should carefully observe the defense of the bases you plan to attack.

2. Mastering the use of Shields and Rebuilds

When you start the Clash of Clans game , you get a three day shield. During this three days, no one can attack you. You should therefore take advantage of this period to build your base buildings because this offer doesn’t last forever.

After you are attacked and about 40% of your base is taken or the town hall, you will get a 12 hour shield. If 90% of your base is taken during the attack, you will get a 16 hour shield. If you attack another player at this point, your shield will automatically lift.

How to Use Clash of Clans Giants?

Clash of Clans Giants: How to maximize their use in the game

When it comes to mobile strategy video games, Clash of Clans is the top of the list. Many gamers worldwide have been hooked with the game. Not only you can enjoy building your own town with the resources taken after attacking other players, you also develop camaraderie with other enthusiasts as you build your clans. You talk with about 50 other people, strategize with them and participate in Clan Wars together.

There is a total of eight characters in the game to choose from. These are the Barbarian, Goblins, Archer, Giant, Wizard, Balloon, Dragon and Healer. My favorite character is the Giants. I will share with you some tactics on how to use them effectively in the game.

How to Use Clash of Clans Giants?

Giant as the most popular unit in Clash of Clans

The priority of Giants when use in the game is to target the defensive structures of the other player’s town. It requires the least amount of training time and is the cheapest unit. Thereby, most players purchased them the most at their first attacks.

The Giants work best as tanking units to help your low-health units deal with damages, destroy walls and, of course, take away resources. So, it is important to know how to play having the Giants as your top game. Visit our homepage to use our free Clash of Clans hack.

Clash of Clans Giant Strategies

The easiest to control in the game, it provides efficiency to victor in the end. However, a player should already be familiar that the moves of these units are highly predictable. They became vulnerable to spring traps.

They also have a low damage and makes it tough for them to disrupt opponent walls. Giants usually cluster together, making the damages by Wizard Towers, Mortars and bombs extensively felt.

On a lighter note, there are steps to be considered to diminish the weakness of this favorite unit. Make use of wall breakers and ranged DPS units to quickly tear down the walls of the enemies. New trails will then be provided, thus, allowing the Giants to evade the traps. Your Healer units and spells acquired alleviates the mutilation due to area of effect.

Once you have reached the maximum level, your Giants will have the highest health and will become the strongest. Since you already gained a clan mate, you can ask them to donate a level 6 if you or any of your clan mates are still on a low-level one. You will have an excellent castle at the end. So, play wisely and enjoy the fun.

Clash of Clans is Hot

How Clash of Clans Became One of the Most Popular MMO Games

Clash of Clans was launched back in 2012 in the United States and Canada. It is among the longest running and popular games played by millions worldwide in their smartphones.

Its developers, Supercell, came up with an addictive game by keeping it simple and concentrating on what consumers require and desire in a MMO game. This is how Clash of Clans became one of the most popular MMO games in a market filled with smartphone apps?

Clash of Clans is Hot

1. User fulfillment

Despite receiving excellent scores from its critics when it was launched, the game is delightful to play and provided people with alternatives. The game does not focus on one part like other games; it supports a multiplayer and single player at the same time.

It can be played in multiplayer and single gamer mode and has an option to play neither of the game play modes. This provides option and flexibility to its users.The game can be downloaded for free, it is free to play and limited to smartphones. In spite of this, Supercell makes a lot of money by means of flexibility.

This is made possible by the game providing an alternative to purchase the app using the game currency referred to as gems, other than playing for free. Paying for the game makes it enjoyable by enabling users to make quick progress in the game.

2. Simplicity

Clash of Clans cheats are user friendly and not too complex to play. Its interface is simple when you start playing and you easily understand the game as a beginner. The game provides its users with ease to use by having tutorials that guide them through, despite it being self-explanatory.

As you continue playing Clash of Clans you get comfortable and settle fully into the game. The game is unique by allowing users to strategize which creates excitement and gets them hooked to the game.

Review and Walktrough for Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans: Never Boring

If you are interested in strategic games, you probably know “Clash of Clans”. This game is made by Supercell”; a finlandian company which works on mobile games and applications.

Clash of Clans released in 2012, and in average it has been installed 28000 times per a day. This mobile game is one of the most popular games in the world of mobile applications. But why?

Why it is so popular?

I think it has two reasons. At first, this game is based on person-vs-person gaming. If you see your friend who plays a game, you want to challenge yourself in that. It doesn’t matter if it is a game, an activity (like playing an instrument) or being a member of a community.

Review and Walktrough for Clash of Clans

You want to know yourself, discover what is your interest and what do you prefer to use for a challenge. There is no limit in this case, each challenge calls you to be in. You want to face everything and discover your abilities. Of course, you will be more attracted if you see your related persons are in that challenge.

The next reason is about person-to-person playing, too. Do you remember Red Alert or Command and Conquer Generals? These game were on PC platform and never gain the Clash of Clans’ popularity. This was because of those games basic.

Those strategic games were based on computer-to-human facing. You will soon understand a computer’s strategies, technics and tricks. So, you will be restricted to this computer. In a game which is played versus computers, everything will be predictable and boring after a while.

Are there any other strategic games by Supercell?

Yes, Clash of Clans hack is about war. You will build for destruction. Your properties are for war and destroying. But, there is another game by Supercell, which is about peace; “Hay Day”.

This is a honest review and walkthrough. So we want to introduce you the Heyday, an alternative for Clash of Clans. You will play this game as a manager of a farm, which is expanding in peace times. No more spoiling!

You may not be boring by some games like Clash of Clans. These games are real, like life. because you are playing with real people. I think this game is like chess. Who can be bored by playing chess?