How to Use Clash of Clans Giants?

Clash of Clans Giants: How to maximize their use in the game

When it comes to mobile strategy video games, Clash of Clans is the top of the list. Many gamers worldwide have been hooked with the game. Not only you can enjoy building your own town with the resources taken after attacking other players, you also develop camaraderie with other enthusiasts as you build your clans. You talk with about 50 other people, strategize with them and participate in Clan Wars together.

There is a total of eight characters in the game to choose from. These are the Barbarian, Goblins, Archer, Giant, Wizard, Balloon, Dragon and Healer. My favorite character is the Giants. I will share with you some tactics on how to use them effectively in the game.

How to Use Clash of Clans Giants?

Giant as the most popular unit in Clash of Clans

The priority of Giants when use in the game is to target the defensive structures of the other player’s town. It requires the least amount of training time and is the cheapest unit. Thereby, most players purchased them the most at their first attacks.

The Giants work best as tanking units to help your low-health units deal with damages, destroy walls and, of course, take away resources. So, it is important to know how to play having the Giants as your top game. Visit our homepage to use our free Clash of Clans hack.

Clash of Clans Giant Strategies

The easiest to control in the game, it provides efficiency to victor in the end. However, a player should already be familiar that the moves of these units are highly predictable. They became vulnerable to spring traps.

They also have a low damage and makes it tough for them to disrupt opponent walls. Giants usually cluster together, making the damages by Wizard Towers, Mortars and bombs extensively felt.

On a lighter note, there are steps to be considered to diminish the weakness of this favorite unit. Make use of wall breakers and ranged DPS units to quickly tear down the walls of the enemies. New trails will then be provided, thus, allowing the Giants to evade the traps. Your Healer units and spells acquired alleviates the mutilation due to area of effect.

Once you have reached the maximum level, your Giants will have the highest health and will become the strongest. Since you already gained a clan mate, you can ask them to donate a level 6 if you or any of your clan mates are still on a low-level one. You will have an excellent castle at the end. So, play wisely and enjoy the fun.